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About Me

Katherine Whipple- Home Baker, Wife, Mama, Granna, and Doctor 


I'm a lot of things to a lot of people.  One of my ways to relax and have fun is to bake. I think my love of baking started with my mom.  She made cut out and 3-dimensional  cakes before they were they were commonplace.  She always made my sister and I very special birthday cakes - my favorite was a cottage with neco wafer roof and candy accents. When I had my own family I carried on the tradition !I was often in school (becoming a doctor takes a lot of education!) and so one of my ways to show my kids how important they are to me was to make a big deal out of events and birthdays with cakes that kept getting grander and grander as they grew up. 

CakeMD was created as a way for others to have the feeling of being special when given a cake designed just for them.  Initially it was just extended family and friends but I am hoping that this will help spread the joy even further.   It has been a really tough year and every birthday, holiday or special occasion is an opportunity to heal and I have the prescription for cake! The phrase 'Life is short' has never been more poignant - so the remainder of the phrase 'eat dessert first' equally important! 

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