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Complex 3-D cakes -free standing cakes that require more thought and structural support.  Moderate fondant details or airbrushing. 

Highly detailed multi-layered, sheet or carved cakes & wedding cakes - Multiple layers, with lots of hand made detailed figures including people, animals, flowers, and trees with complete circumferential interest. 

5 foot long functional operation game complete with light up nose and buzzer. Made to resemble an elf since it was for a Christmas party.  had alternating sheet cakes of red velvet, french vanilla, & chocolate.
Asian jungle - baby shower cake.  Had families of pandas, golden monkeys, alligators, turtles, tigers along with free standing cherry tree with bird in nest.
girl scout cake with cakes made to mimic the flavor of the cookies and figures made in the likeness of each girl.  tagalong cake was chocolate with peanut butter chips, samoa was chocolate with coconut and caramel, lemon chalet was lemon cake, thin mints were chocolate cake with mint candy.
High school musical cake, inside made to match school colors of red and white with alternating layers of red velvet and french vanilla.  resembled a stage complete with curtains, dancers in shadow, and a fondant figure made to resemble the birthday girl in a 'spotlight'.
Harley Davidson and side car cake made for a combined father's day and birthday.  motorcycle made from rice crispy treats to replicate clients actual Harley. figures made from fonant to look like clients.
Cost varies based on size or  # of servings, flavors, fillings, specialty preparation, and complexity of design
wedding cake of white cake with lemon filling and buttercream icing covered with white modeling chocolate tinted in graded shades of marbled green, and sprayed with light green luster dust & hand piping in dark chocolate with puchased topper.
wedding cake with layers of chocolate and raspberry filling, strawberry with chocolate filling, french vanilla with lemon filling.  covered in white modeling chocolate and 'sunset' sponge painted with candy tints, and wild flowers hand painted.  purchased butterflies placed in cascade.
birthday cake of a scene from how to train your dragon.  boy figure made to resemble the birthday boy rather than the movie character.
woodland wedding cake, alternating layers of white chocolate and milk chocolate with huckleberry filling and covered in fondant with ribbon and twig accents on each layer and topper of 2 birds.
topsy turvey cake for 13th birthday.  panels are each hand painted to exactly replicate the birthday girls original artwork.
wedding cake with white fondant and dark blue ribbon, real roses coated with edible shellac.  on mirror base with rose petals.
stained glass mosaic.  all the mosaic tiles are from pour sugar, with swirled colors. orange lily and purple orchid topper was also make by hand from poured sugar. had 4 flavors of cake- chocolate stout, lemon/huckleberry, pistachio and funfetti!
multiple tiers with separation plates, ribbon and fresh flowers. each tier a different flavor.
images hand drawn from places, photos significant to the bride and groom, scanned and printed with edible printer on fondant.  dark chocolate stout cake with Bavarian cream filling and vanilla/almond buttercream.
wedding cake, ivory on ivory.  used cricut cutter and hand piping for detail on tiers.  sprayed with pearlescent spray for extra shimmer.
engagement party cake.  white chocolate cake with huckleberry filling.  Theme was country boy and city girl- each side of cake had city or country scape with couple in silhouette.
first birthday cake, umbrella made with pastillage, characters from fondant.
sponge bob birthday cake.  With crabby patty 'cake', and sponge bob and friends.  also had poured sugar coral.
tree stump wedding cake.  top layer chocolate espresso stout with cherry filling and bottom tier carrot cake with cream cheese filling. squirrel toppers made from fondant.
free standing dragon chocolate cake, piped scales, wings made from fruit leather.
dragon siting up. tail wrapped aroundand wings flush against back made from fondant. head sculpted from fondant,butter cream icing on body all airbrushed.
bride doll for wedding shower. layers of french vanilla and strawberry cake with buttercream icing. dress made to resemble the brides actual gown. hand piped lace detail, and tiny fondant flowers with luster dust.
1/2 sheet cake with free standing motorcycle of sculpted cake.  fondant clothing on doll, and details of motorcycle, pipes, wheels etc.
Nemo cake for grandson's 2nd birthday.  hand carved, gluten and dairy free lemon cake in Nemo.  Base was chocolate.  coral hand made from isomalt sugar.
going away party cake for colleague.  buttocks made from peach jello, covered in fondant shorts.  chocolate mocha cake, with fudge frosting and filling.  NOTHING was left!
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