I utilize 2 primary manufactures of gluten free flour and have found them both to work wonderfully for cakes, cookies, and bread. 
Gluten free flour is about double the cost of wheat flour and requires the addition of other leavening agents like xanthan gum.  Due to these additional costs, gluten free cakes are a little more expensive; but worth it!  

I have recipes for 'natural sugar' cakes that  utilize applesauce, orange juice, agave nectar, honey,no calorie sugars like stevia, along with some artificial sweeteners.  Overall, these aren't truly sugar 'free' - but have a much lower glycemic index, and are lower calorie & lower carbohydrate.  These are also slightly more expensive due to additional costs. 

***Gluten free and sugar free cakes come in multiple flavors, but not  as many as regular cake.  There are also limitations in carving due to textural differences - but I'll do my best to create the look and taste you want, with ingredients you can feel good about. 

I cannot guarantee nut free product - but  will provide a complete list of ingredients.  I utilize a lot of products that are 'nut free', but not all are made in a nut free environment.  I also utilize nuts in other products so my kitchen is not nut free. due to the extreme allergic response for those with a nut allergy I can't guarantee any product.  

Any type of dietary restriction will be considered, or if specific products required I can purchase them or you can provide them, I will make every effort to avoid cross contamination and create a beautiful, yummy, healthy dessert you can enjoy!
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