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Cost varies based on size / # of servings, flavors, fillings, frostings, specialty preparation (sugar or gluten free), and complexity of design.

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2-D sheet or cut out cakes

Simple 3-D carved or sheet cakes with 3-D components  or with edible printer images

cupcakes to go with small cake, or on their own.  can be filled as well for additional charge. 
Happy feet cake, single layer 2-D cut out cake.
16th birthday cake, 2-D sheet cake with purchased cars on top .
Hello kitty 2-D cake with 3-D bow.
Barney cake,  partial 3-d. had protruding nose, tummy, arms, and balloon in relief.  was orange cake with buttercream icing.  board also frosted to complete the 'picture'
pizza and breadsticks.  vanilla cake, fondant, and fruit leather, and shaved white chocolate, for toppings.
2-dimentional cut out cakes or sheet cakes with drawings, frosting flowers or pre-manufactured items/toys.  These are the least expensive and most versatile cakes.  

dental assistant week cake. face in 3-D relief, tongue made from fruit roll up. licorice used for hair and eye lashes.  face was on 1/2 sheet cake.
Easter basket cake, with sugar molded eggs, and piped chicks.  handle was not edible- but frosted to match cake. grass piped buttercream.
3-D penguin. used black sugar crystals for dark color. eyes, beak, bow tie and ear muffs made from variety of candy.
21st birthday cake, also had found out they were expecting a baby so fondant baby was added at last minute, complete with joke 'urine stream'  (they did have a boy)
beckoning cat cake for daughter's birthday. cat made from rice crispy treats and covered in fondant.  wording says "Happy Birthday" in Japanese.
Mad Hatter cake, with fondant details such as bottle that said drink me, and hand drawn image of the Cheshire cat on top.
white chocolate cake with raspberry filling.  Made to resemble the invitations.
Beatles image with superimposed sheet music for Happy Birthday.  Cake was white with lemon filling and lemon buttercream.
cupcakes made to look like actual flowers - rose, daisies, chrysanthemums