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close up of Rocko- made from fondant.
full view of Rocko cake- Mexican theme with relief forms of cacti, maracas, and sombrero.  decorations placed on single layer round cake.
camping birthday cake.  tent with pastillage support, and sleeping bag inside.  details of canoe, back pack, stumps, logs, flowers and skunk, racoon and beaver friends.  cake was lemon with raspberry filling and buttercream icing.
created for a graduate from physician school.  the cake is the bag, wrapped in dark modeling chocolate.  decorations made from fondant.
jungle baby shower cake, with sloth, tiger, lion, monkey, hippo, alligator, and elephant critters along with sticks, vines and flowers made from fondant.  Gluten free white cake with raspberry filling.
close up view of tiger, lion on baby shower cake
Family mountain climbing cake.  base is gluten free spice cake. mountain is made from oatmeal/cocoa (no-bake cookies) that were then frosted.  climbers are made to resemble family members with the baby 'pulling the strings'
Hummer limo cake for double digit birthday.  followed by actual limo ride.  airbrushed buttercream, and candy for details.
Bowling first birthday cake with sesame street and muppet characters.  wooden aisle made from marbled chocolate fondant, pins and characters also made from fondant.  Gluten free carrot cake.
first birthday smash cake- bowling ball.  gluten free carrot cake with marbled fondant covering.
parachute cake. chute is cake covered in fondant.  parachuter is made from fondant and suspended from fishing line.  sheet cake is 'landing area' and had sharks, water, volcano, and cacti.  gluten free chocolate with pistachio ice cream filling.
21st birthday cake- "pink elephant" with ice bag, blood shot eyes and remnants of the party including martinelli's mini bottle and wine glasses.
had checkerboard red velvet and chocolate inside, with buttercream icing.  skulls were made from marbled fondant, and flowers in eyes were also made from fondant.
trapshooting cake. sugar free orange sheet cake, with low sugar cream cheese icing and fondant details.  traphouse was made with rice crispy treats and covered with fondant. was complete with broken target suspended on wire. figure made to resemble recipient of cake.
other view of shooting cake.
"You'll bee missed" cake for going away party.  had one bee 'leaving the hive' suspended on wire.  cake was chocolate with butter cream icing and fondant bees.
close up view of bride doll seen on other page.  dress made to resemble bridal gown, with hand piped lace detail.
cupcakes for bridal shower.  hand made candy butterflies on top.
detail of cherry tree on panda shwer cake.
mom and baby alligator on panda baby shower cake
close up view of pandas and golden monkeys on panda baby shower cake
close up view of HS musical figure made to resemble recipient of cake.
birds eye view of HS Musical cake/stage.
Shower cake- tree stump with woodland creatures including squirrel, moles, hedgehogs, along with stork, and baby under blanket on top. Gluten free chocolate, chocolate chip cake.
musical cat birthday cake.  the notes above the cats are the actual notes for "happy birthday to you".  the cake was layers of chocolate and green colored vanilla cake and covered in buttercream with black fondant decorations
Harley cake made to resemble the recipients and their  motorcycle with the addition of a side car. Harley made out of crispy treats covered in fondant details and painted with disco red for sparkle.
topsy turvey 13th birthday cake for my daughter.  the cat panels were replicas of her artwork and painted onto fondant.  cake was also red and black with red velvet and chocolate cake.
Night tubing birthday cake had tubing penguins.  tracks were also painted with piping gel and tonic water which glowed under black light. penguins made from fondant, tubes were purchased candy.
monkey /jungle baby shower cake.  made to resemble a rainforest canopy, with money hanging down.  also with toucan, tiger, frogs made from fondant.
Gluten free skydiving cake with actual suspended birthday girl.  cake was gluten free chocolate with pistachio icecream inside.
soccer ball cake complete with stats page and jersey for friend being inducted into Whitworth college athletic hall of fame
thank you cake for an occupational medicine group that helped 'navigate' through L&I paperwork.
paintball birthday party, used gumballs for paintballs, with fondant 'splats'. mask and marker created out of rice crispies and covered in fondant.
handy manny characters
baracuda made from fondant, complete with nurses hat for a gag birthday cake for a wonderful caring (anti-baracuda) nurse.  fish was handpainted.
Woodland wedding cake, alternating layers of white chocolate and milk chocolate with huckleberry filling and huckleberry butter cream with white fondant.
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