*"Tasted as good as it looked", "we could never have found or created a more perfect cake:""

 *"wonderful cake, frosting to die for!"  "hand piped lace detail was amazing"
*birthday boy loved it so much, didn't want to eat it.  Saved all the figures and still looks at them. 

 *"Incredible to look at and better to eat"  "

 *"The cake was beautiful, everyone loved it. something new to see everytime you looked at it."

 *"Awesome!!!!"  "couldn't stop eating it!" 

 *They LOVED it my mom cried haha but they saved the motorcycle and put it on a friends cake for her birthday. Thank you SO much i really appreciate it. =] 
 **I loved them all, and had fun helping you make them. -from my daughter :)  
*Painted garden and butterfly cake

*Bride doll cake

*Handy Manny cake

 *panda baby shower cake

 *Monkey baby shower cake

 *Drum graduation cake 

*Motorcycle cake with sidecar
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cakes that are a treat to 
see and eat - including  
gluten, dairy  or
 sugar free